Dairy Free Skull and cross bones cake!

skull cake 1

My Boyfriend was turning 37, he is a big fan of metal and such so I decided to attempt a skull cake!

The cake is a simple vanilla cake cut into three layers and filled with a simple dairy free chocolate cream

I simply found an image online and using pipe gel transferred a rough copy of the skull and cross bones to my dirty iced vanilla cake with chocolate cream filling. Once the rough image was on I piped out the rough image using Wilton tip # 3, thankfully with piping gel you are able to move the icing around using a toothpick. Once I have perfected the image I wanted I began with the outside black . I then decided to just do an thick line of white and thin line of black on the side of the cake to finish off my design.

I achieved the black butter bream using Wilton black gel coloring but in order to get it the perfect black I added coco powder to my butter cream which actually made it taste great!

I piped the black using Wilton tip # 18 and the white with tip # 21

The cake tasted awesome and he was pretty pleased with the image!!!

I think it was a SUCCESS!!

skull cake 3 skull cake 4

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